The Simpsons ‘Marge’


10 responses to “The Simpsons ‘Marge’

  1. She’s lookin’ glamorous. What’s her secret?! 🙂 I love your watercolor header. Great job on that too.

  2. Simply like mine but how do you get the outline lines some perfect? For me the width may vary with the twist of the pen. Gimp has a thing called “cure” which is supposed to modify imperfections but it never seems to do anything when I press it.

    • What I try to do is to minimize having to stop drawing a line, that is very hard to do in some cases. So if I have to stop I try to stop holding my pen at a angle because holding it upright will leave a ball dot and that can make the art work not as neat. The pens I used are the cheap ones at the store, however I think that real artistic pens will make it even easier. Thanks for the visit and hope to see you here again. Have a good weekend.

  3. Marge looks like she was just presented with something she loves…excellent work!

    Hope the weather has improved where you live.
    You have a grand day, my friend!
    Hugs, xx

  4. You have really captured her spirit and color choice works well. I want to learn how to produce at this professional looking level. As you see I just draw with pen and scan as my skills are very limited. I have experimented with gimp a little – see tomorrow’s post Big Ben.

    • Thanks for the visit and the compliments. My work is similar to yours because I use pens (sometimes markers) as well. For the Marge Simpson I used colored sharpie pens only then scan. Thanks again and have a great Sunday.

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